Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yankee candles

"America's Best Loved Candle"

Well, that's what is says for this sweet scented candle name, Yankee Candle. I believe that, because I have one also in our room, the Ocean scented. And Krishna's sister also have one, the Vanilla Cupcake scented. Which I really love it!

For me, putting candles or something like aromatherapy, makes yourself more calm and relax. I always love something with sweet and nice smells. It brings good energy into my brain. Especially if you just have a 'hard' day. When you smell it, then voila! You feel peaceful :)

I have a plan to put many candles in our house soon. So Krishna and I can smell the sweet scented everytime we need some relax moment. 

Yankee candles has so many variants and scenteds :

And many many more! I chose these pictures because these are the scenteds that I think I will love it and will be my favorite. Ah, can't wait to buy another one!

Girl With An Attitude 

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