Thursday, October 1, 2015

- October -

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Hi fella!

It's been a week since the last time I wrote something in this blog. Today is a new month. And it's October. Hooray! 

I just love October so much. Because October is the month before my birthday month, November, hihi... So, it makes me feel like "Oh my God, it's almost my birthday!"

A year gone by, so fast. So many unpredictable things I've seen. So many good memories. Precious things. New friends. New experiences. New job. And so on.

But sometimes, I feel like, it is still the same me. The same old thing Ovi. Many people thinks that we should be a successful person. We should be 'someone' in our work place. Many people thinks that successful means rich. Rich means famous. But, are they happy about that?

For me, successful means, yes, you should do something good about what you love and what you've done. If you are an artist, then be a good artist. If you are a house keeper, then be a good house keeper. If you are a mother, then be a good mother. If you are a taxi driver, then be a good taxi driver. Good things surely comes to good people.

Being a successful person doesn't mean you have to be rich. Why do you wanna be rich if you aren't happy?  

Successful is, if you are happy with what you do. If you have a peaceful heart with a good spiritual vibe. Successful means if you can reach something what you want, with your own 'sweat'. With your own  truly heart. Nothing less.

I, myself, thinks that I'm also a successful person. Because I have a great job. I published my own book, with my own idea. I have a great husband. I have a very nice and warm family. I have my own house. I'm healthy. And I'm good with that.

Let's change the old 'mindset' about successful is to be rich. Just remember this, successful is to be happy with your own self. Nothing less. 

Girl With An Attitude 

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