Friday, October 16, 2015

Married to a musician?

I have an idea to write this post, after I read the blog from The Band Wife. It makes me laugh, because I was just thinking that some of my favorite bloggers, are also a band wife (you know when you have a husband who is a musician and also going on tour). You can see that Elsie from A Beautiful Mess is the wife from Jeremy Larson who is a producer, musician and have a band called Sucre and Violents. And also, blogger  Stacy King the singer from Sucre, is married with a musician name Darren King who is a drummer of the band Mutemath and Sucre. Confused, eh?

Well. it reminds me that I also have a husband who is a musician, haha. Krishna, my husband, is the keybordist / synthetizer from the band name The Upstairs. He joined The Upstairs since 2007. It was a long time ago before we met. For me, it's not a problem to have a husband who is a musician. (eventhough Krishna also working at some Phetrochemical company). To be honest, to be a wife musician is one of my dream! I always adore and admire a man who can play instruments, or at least he has a passion in music. So there, voila! I am marrying a musician. Proud with that. 

Many people says that, married to musician or rockstar or whatever, will be jealous and whiney all the time. With the schedules and also with the fans (escpecially girl fans / groupies). Luckly, I'm not that jealous person. I mean, I know Krishna is working (with the friends), and his playing with his passion, he's tired, he's happy and he's missing his family and me. So, there's no reason to be jealous. Just give him some time. And trust him :)

The point is we have to respect each other, communicate each other and have some trust each other. Those are the keys. Just be yourself. Don't be a whiney wife. Always support him. And have something to do while he's going on tour. I'm sure all the band wives will be okay. And the important thing is, just remember that your husband will always loves you, eventhough he's far a way while he's going on tour :)

So, you want to be a band wife, huh? Just be then. 

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