Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mayday Holiday!

(Checking calendar..)

(Browsing, searching, mesmerizing some hotels or places..)

I am sooo need a holiday right now! Not because I'm bored or something. But because, next month is my birthday, so Krishna and I are planning to go somewhere. I know, maybe right now we cannot go to a far and expensive place (because, you know, we're about to move to our own house). Means, we have to buy this bed, that table, this curtains, that carpets, and anything else. Doh!

Meanwhile, I found this beautiful places that I really adore. Someday, I really wanna go there. Making love in an amazing places. Heaven on earth!

1. Bran Castle in Romania. This place is where the Bram Stoker Dracula begin. I think it's nice when you go to this spooky place with your loved one, and feel the mystique atmosphere that makes you guys goosebumps!

2. Iceland Hotspring Tour that can make you feel calm and relax. The hot water touched your skin      very warm. Tangled and makes you and the loved one feel a little bit romantic. 

3. Arches National Park in Utah, U.S.A. This place is all about rocks and hiking. It's more like adventurer and nature. Yeah, sometimes it's nice when you can be amazed with some of beautiful view such as rocks like this.

4. Make Peace Island in Australia. What a lovely island with cute heart shaped. I'm sure the main reason why people loves to go there it's because of the heart. Especially if you're looking it from the top (by helicopter, off course).

5. Republic Of Botswana in Africa, is one of the most romantic place I think. Besides you can see the wild animals in the morning, but then you can see the sunset from the hotel by noon. Pretty amazing! I like to see the picture there, because it's oh so romantic.

6. Portmeirion in Wales. When I see this picture, it's like I am a princess and ready to go to the gala dinner with the King and the Queen. Hihihihihi....

7. Silverseas Cruise in Alaska. It's like your in Titanic, hihi. I think it's also romantic when you can cruising with the loved one, and feel the wind blows into you. 

Those place makes me breathtaking. It makes me wanna go on a holiday soon with Krishna.
Cannot wait! :)

Girl With An Attitude 

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