Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nice Illustrations

We all know that Taylor Swift is such a cutie pie! With her vintage style, long legs, beautiful eyes and a sweet attitude from her. I also really like her, escpecially her 1989 album. And she's also a very good singer, song writer and musician. Perfect combination! For me, she looks like a doll. A pretty doll.

But what if her style and face became an illustrations? I found this book about Taylor Swift Style Essentials, which I think is very good and real. The illustration itself drew by the talented illustrator Dinda Puspita Sari, who is also the illustrator for the book #88lovelife

The illustrations :

Even Taylor still looks pretty when she turned into an illustration. But Dinda also  very genius and talented to  make some beautiful things turned into more beautiful real things. Love it!

Girl With An Attitude

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Dinda Puspitasari said...

Thank you sooo much, glad you love it!!