Monday, October 19, 2015

Celebrating Disorder

Last Saturday, My parents, Krishna and I went to Galeri Nasional to attended a paintings exhibition from one of my Dad's friend, Tatang Ramadhan Bouqie . The exhibition called "Celebrating Disorder". And I think this is the first time he had this painting exhibition. For your information, he used to be an illustrator for Media Indonesia news paper.

The first time I saw the paintings, I feel this colorfulness. But when I saw it with more specific, the paintings itself showed some chaotic and also problems in this world. There are corrupter, fake people, and an unfair things. Interesting!

My most favorite is the sculpture that showed a man sitting on the toilet like waiting. Meanwhile, they're so many books fell under him. It's like he don't care about anything. Don't care and won't care.

Om Tatang really showed some honesty in his paintings. I feel some madness, curiosity and upset about how this world is crazy and 'it's just not that right'.

Way to go.

Girl With An Attitude

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