Friday, October 9, 2015

Which BB cream?

I'm not a make up person, and you can read it here about how I always put some make ups with natural and simple look. Lately, I'm looking for a nice, fine and light BB cream for my face. Really need some recommendation, though.

I'm going to review some BB's cream that I had before and I still using it now :


1. I used this BB Cream from Baby Bisson mineral cream about 2 years ago. And I think It was the first time I'm using BB Cream for my face. I bought this product when I was in honeymoon with Krishna in Japan. Actually, my sister in law asked me to bought it for her, because she said this BB Cream is so flawless, and makes your skin looks very soft just like a baby skin. She said that I have to buy and try it also for myself. So it goes, I bought it for myself (and I also bought the compact powder). This product is very tremendous great! Everytime I used it and took a picture, my face skin looks like a doll. No wonder every Japanese girls are cute and looks like a doll. Too bad, I can only find it in Japan. And I only bought it 1 package. So, I cannot use it again now :(


2. I bought this Vitamin E Cool BB Cream product because I always loves The Body Shop. So I think, this BB Cream might be good for my face. But I was wrong. The first time I used this product, I can only felt cool in my skin. I cannot see the cream can blemish some spot on my face. Even the color is darker then my skin face. Ok, so I tried it for the second time, third time and fourth time. And I still felt no changes. I realized this product cannot match into my face skin. Because it cannot blended. I didn't use it anymore. I even still have it in my room. Useless. 


3. This BB Cream Photoready from Revlon is very heavy and makes my skin have some acnes! Eventhough it's good if you're using it for photo shoot. Especially for pre wedding photo. Becasue this cream is long lasting and makes your skin flawless. But I think it's too expensive. So I guess I'm gonna try it only once. And no more. 


4. After the expensive one, I tried the cheaper one. This Clear Smooth BB Cream product from Maybelline it's better. Becasue it's light and blended very nice into my skin. And also it makes my face more whiter. Besides for blemish and covered some black spot, this product contain SPF 26 PA++. Which I think it's good. So yeah, I adore this one!


5. After I used the previous one, I tried this Very Me BB Cream Bliss Balm from Oriflame. I think this product is also cheap and light. But it cannot covered or blemish black spot in my face. I'm still using this product, it's because I haven't buy the new one (that's why I need some recommendation, girls!). And also because after I'm using this BB Cream, I blend it with this Max Factor Press Powder. So it makes my skin face more flawless and white. 

So, please pretty please, let me know which BB Cream that I should buy and use. I need some recommendation about BB Cream which is blended nicely for me. Ciao!

"If you feel beautiful, then you are. Even if you don't, you still are"
-Terri Gillemets-

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