Friday, May 26, 2017

Be kind.

"Be kind to another"

That's what Ellen DeGeneres always says everytime she ended her talk show. And that is true. We all should be kind to another. Even to the people you don't like. It is not about because "people that sees you kind, will give you some complement or whatever". No, that's not my point. But it's more like, the way you treat people will give you a good effect. You feel happy and lovable. Because universe conspires that. And someday, soon, people will also kind to you. That's the way of magic.

If we can be kind and be lovable to another, so why should we hate each other? Why people always seems mad and emotional? Why can we just be peace. Lots of happiness and positive attitude. Spread some love. Give some good vibration instead the bad one. 

Hopefully I can still see some love in this world.

By the way, happy fasting to the family and friends whose celebrate it. 

Be kind. Be love. And be happy ❤

Girl With An Attitude

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Review : Some make up stuffs


It's been a long time I didn't review something about beauty product or make up. So now, I'm going to review some of make up or beauty products that I've been trying lately :

1. Innisfree Lip Scrub :

I bought this Lip Scrub when I went to Singapore a few weeks ago. And I realized that I have never buy any lip scrub. Because you know, when you like to use matte lipstick so much, I think it would be nice if I give my lips a very nice treatment. Then voila! After I used it about three times, I feel like my lips are more pumply and healthy. This lip scrub had no scent, which I think it's good. But there's a hint of mint when I applied it. And everytime I'm using it (2 times a week), I always give a little massage to my lips. I think this product is great. It really can make my lips dewy, pumply and the most it healthier. I give two thumbs up for it!

2. Make Over Lip Balm Lip Nutrition & Catrice All Matt :

I bought this Catrice All Matt compact powder because I really need some matte compact powder for my face. To be honest, I read about this product from one of my favorite online review make up. When I know many girls says this compact powder is good, then I bought it immediately, hehe.

What I love about this compact powder is because. the powder itself was not too powdery. But it more soft and light into my face. And I think this compact powder is really really matte. Eventhough is not that long lasting, but yeah, it can fit to my face about 5-6 hours. And I have to admit the packaging is very cute and pretty, but too bad it doesn't came with the sponge. 

Meanwhile, this Lip Balm Lip Nutrition from Make Over is really good! I bought it at Century when discount, hehe. The reason why I bought it because it has an Orange scent. I have never ever bought something oranges or fruity (besides cherry lip balm, hehe), because I'm a sweet vanilla and chocolaty kinda person. This product really smooth into my lip. So soft and pumply, but not too oily. I love to apply it before I'm using my matte lipstick. 

I bought this product from my favorite online shop. Besides this product is not too exspensive, it is also covered my black circle and some black spot in my face. I love how this product has this little brush, so I think it's really practical. I bought the natural shade, because I think it can fit into my skin face. There's nothing more I can say about this product besides : handy, good, and blended very well into my skin.

That's all about my review. I hope it can help you to choose and buy the product that you want ☺

"The best and most beautiful things in the world, 
cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt by heart"
-Hellen Keller-

Girl With An Attitude

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Speaking About Coffee Shops

Suddenly just popped into my head about how I really want to go to so many tiny coffee shops (not a branded / worldwide one) in Jakarta (and after that, maybe Bandung, Medan, Yogya, etc). I just want to try the differences of the coffees, and enjoy the atmosphere there with their comfy, nice or maybe even unique spot. I know, I'm not  a "black" coffee person. I'm more like a cafe latte or hot choco person ❤

To me, having a nice of cup a coffee is really relaxing for me. And there is nothing can make me happy more, besides try the coffee from a tiny coffee shops. 

I even have the list of it :
And many many more of them! Hehe..

The reason why I really want to go to so many coffee shops, it's because I have a planned that someday I'm going to make one. I mean, I am so into coffee (and also tea for sure!), so I think it would be awesome if someday I can have one. Ya know, a small coffee shop with a small library.

So yeah, wish me luck about it ☺ 

Girl With An Attitude

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Not A Good Weeks

These 2 weeks was really not a good weeks for me. Really an emotional weeks. First, as you know, one of the man that I admire is in jail now. It makes me sad and dissapointed. And I'm sure many of you have the same feelings about it. Second, one of my friend passed away last Thursday. This is also makes me sad. The last time I met her was a year ago. And then, last night, Krishna's family long time house maid also passed away because of sick. I was really shocked! Actually I am still shocked now! Why do I have to heard so many bad and sad news lately? It kept me thinking, though.

The point is, we never know what might happen everyday, everytime even every seconds. All I know is, we have to face it with a smile. 

These words are for the family, friends, colleagues and the people who feel 'low' lately. A very deep condolence ❤

pic from Google

Girl With An Attitude

Friday, May 12, 2017

Trippin To Singapore

A few weeks ago, Krishna and I went to Singapore after a looong time. I think it was 4 years ago since the last time we went there. To me, this is my 4th time to go to Singapore, and I have never been bored ☺

Day 1 :

We arrived at Changi Airport at 12.35 pm and then we checked in at Hornbill Hotel in Geylang. We decided to stayed at a low budget hotel, because for us, the hotel is only for us to sleep at night, hehe. 
Then we went to Haji Lane, in Arab Street and took so many pictures there. Fyi, Krishna and I already made an itinerary for this trip. So all of the places that we went, was already on it ☺. Haji Lane is one of the coolest spot I have ever seen. There are so many graffities, cute shops and caffees, I think it's more like Bali.

And also, we went to Selfie Cafe, because I was so curios about how they can make our face from whipped cream. The coffee itself cost about $8 SG, so I think it's worthed to try.

After we spent there about 4 hours, then we decided to had dinner at Bugis then straighted back to the Hotel ❤

Day 2 :

First, we went to Gardens By The Bay and enjoyed the view there. Afterwards, we went to Marina Bay Sands and had lunch there, We found this DC Superheros Cafe, which made Krisha really truly happy, hehehe..  

From Marina Bay Sands, we straighted to Clarke Quay to find this Central Perk Cafe I was looking for. If you're a Friends TV Series fan, you will know what I mean.

When you went to this cafe, you will feel that you're in their apartment. You can see Monica and Rachel's dining room, Joey and Chandler's room and more. Bringing back the memory when I was sooo into this TV series. I just cannot imagine, that was about 20 years ago. Geez!

Day 3 :

On the 3rd day, we went to China Town, because we planned to have a breakfast at the original of Ya Kun Kaya Toast which established on 1944. We had a good time there, because the staffs were very nice to us. Such a lovely place to have breakfast.

After our stomach was fulled, we went to this Toys Museum, the name is MINT. This Toys Museum is a 7th floor building which has sooooo many toys. From the vintage to the modern one. You name it!

After that, we just hung out at Clarke Quay (again!) then went back to the Hotel. Because my feet was super hurt!

Day 4 : 

The last day at Singapore. There was nothing we do besides had breakfast at Banana Leaf, and then straighted to the Changi Airport. Fyi, our flight was at 18.25 pm, meanwhile we already stand by from 14.00 pm. Say what?!

It's good to had some quality time with your loved one, since you were too busy and you haven't had a holiday for 4 years!

Singapore was a good choice for us, so yeah, we never been bored with it ❤

By the way, you can check my Vlog also on my Youtube channel. Enjoy!

Girl With An Attitude

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I'm sad. You sad. We all sad.

The reason why I'm sad because yesterday was a sad day. I just cannot believe there's no justice. What the hell is wrong? The man that I adore is not guilty! Those fake people are cruel. So cruel.

Dear Pak Ahok, I know I've never met you. And I know you did not know me. But I just wanna say, I am one of those million people whom really adore you and respect your hard work. Just be strong. Stay strong. We all pray for you, no matter what.

Maybe Jakarta won't be the same anymore. But I know it's just for a while. I'm sure you will stand up, speak up, and fight for your right. The people that loves you, will always help you.

I love you, Pak Ahok. Thank you so much for everything ❤

Girl With An Attitude

Friday, April 21, 2017

Video : "Hard Times" by Paramore

After 4 years, they finally going to release their new album, "After Laughter" on 12th May. Meanwhile, let's just enjoy the video "Hard Times"

It's all about 80's colors and sound. Liked!!!!

Girl With An Attitude

Bring the parents abroad

I was wondering, I really love travelling a lot. Like a lottt!!! Thank Goodness, I already went to Singapore (3rd times!!), Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan (even though for my honeymoon). But still, I really wanna go with my parents. I mean, yeah there was a time when I can go to Medan with my parents. And I paid for all the flights. I was very proud, then.

So, maybe someday, soon, I can bring my parents abroad with my own money. Well, FYI, my parents used to leaving abroad. They've had lived on Malaysia for 2 years, then England for 4 years, and Iowa, America for 2 years. And they did it way before the children was born. They had so many experiences. And I'm proud with that ☺

Yeah, hopefully I can take them go to somewhere place. Maybe Singapore? Or America to bring back the memories we used to have? 

Fingers crossed!  

Girl With An Attitude

Video : "Mimpi Oriana"

After a year my book "Mimpi Oriana" has published, now I have a chance to talk about it on my Youtube channel. If you wanna see the video, be my guest ☺

Enjoy the video!

Girl With An Attitude