Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy bday, bday boy!

"Selamat ulang tahun untuk pria yang sudah berbagi mimpi selama 3 tahun 4 bulan bersama saya dan akan terus mencapai mimpi bersama, sampai langit ini berwarna kuning dan merah jambu. Selamat ulang tahun untuk pria yang handal bermain musik, bernyanyi dan suka bermain teater. Dan selalu menghargai artinya sebuah karya seni. Selamat ulang tahun untuk pria yang saya kenal ditahun 2012, dan pada kesan pertama sudah bercerita bahwa dia pernah tidak naik kelas saat duduk dibangku sekolah. Menunjukkan bahwa dia pribadi yang jujur dan apa ada nya. Selamat ulang tahun untuk pria yang terkadang masih mempunyai mood suka berubah, namun jauh didalam lubuk hatinya dia adalah pria yang baik hati, bertanggung jawab dan kelak suatu hari akan menjadi Bapak yang luar biasa hebatnya. Terima kasih juga untuk Mama dan Papa mu, yang sudah melahirkan kamu didunia yang indah ini. Sekali lagi, selamat ulang tahun ya sayang. Semesta mendukungmu untuk selalu bahagia. Mari kita rayakan hari ini ❤"

So, I wrote that words yesterday. Because yesterday was his birthday. Once again, just wanna say happy bday to you, baby! Many happy returns ☺

Girl With An Attitude

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

For you, husband :

"To the world, you might be one person.
But for one person, you might be the world"
-John Lennon-

I dedicate this post for my husband, Krishna. I don't know, lately seems like he's very not in the mood. He has this mood swing that changes very fast. I don't know for sure why he's being like that. But all I know is, he might be tired. Tired for the things that makes him bored and uncreative. 

Everytime he's being like that, all I can do is to calm him. But still, he's the one who can make himself happy. Cherish his life. Make it better. And putting a smile on his face. ☺

I think the quote from John Lennon is quite good for him. I mean, eventhough he thinks he's too small in this world, well at least he has a big heart. And at least he is a 'big world' in someone's life. Yeah at least for me ❤

Girl With An Attitude

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Quote :

When the day has gone, who's going to blame it?
Tell me baby, do you afraid of tomorrow?
The sun keep shining, and I will keep trying
Whenever there's a will there's also a way where you want
Seems like everything won't tearing apart
You know I love you and I always will
Perhaps everything we want will becoming real

-Ovi Siregar-

Girl With An Attitude

Friday, June 2, 2017

TV Series :

How many of you guys likes to watch tv series? Since I was a kid, I used to watched so many tv series such as Growing Pains, Macgyver, Magnum PI, Knight Rider and many many more (praised to you 90's tv series!!!)

Lately, there are so many good tv series to watch! Many of them is from Netflix and CW Channel. And I already watched tons of them. But I only have six favorite of them. So let me tell you, then :

  1. Who doesn't know Supergirl? The girl of steel that has a power same as her cousin, Superman. I started watched this tv series at the end of 2016. And now, I still cannot wait for season 3, haha. This series is  good. Because superhero is quite familiar to me (yup, because of Krishna), so I really like this one. I even always said to myself that I'm also a Supergirl!
  2. Ok, ok if you like some of science - fiction series with a cool setting back story from 80's, then you must be like this Stranger Things series. I like the story that had a mysterious ending, I like all the casts that acting really natural, I like the 80's setting, I like the songs, and I still cannot wait for the season 2!!
  3. If you're a hopelessly romantic and sensitive kinda person, you must be like This Is Us. Besides the setting is from 70's and 80's, some of the story scene is about flash back story. Everytime I finished one episode, I always cried hahaha. Because I always like how this family is really lovin each other and support each other. Escpecially the parents that played by Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia are totally great!
  4. The reason why I watched 13 Reasons Why is because the plot is very creative. Every each episode told us about the cassette which the main character recorded before she suicide. It's kinda thriller and mysterious, but I like it! But I don't know if there will be season 2 *fingers crossed*
  5. This Girlboss series is based from a book that also a true story from the author, Sophia Amoruso. I like the main character which is so selfish but smart and always have so many idea. The scene is great. And it's about friendship, about dream, and about nobody to be somebody. It's a simple yet good story. And yes, I'm waiting for the seasin 2 to come soon. Woohoo!
  6. This series Riverdale is also based by the comic book, Archie and friends. It's kinda thriller drama but not too horror. All of the characters are good, especially the manipulative girl, Cheryl Blossom. I haven't finish watch this series (hopefully soon!), but I know this series is going to be one of my teen series ❤
So yeah, that's all about my review. I think I'm kinda a tv series holic lately, haha. What about you then? Which tv series is your favorite? 

Girl With An Attitude

Monday, May 29, 2017

Honu : Poke & Matcha Bar

If you're a healthy food lover and a food bowl lover, you must be like this Honu : Poke & Matcha Bar. The name Honu itself, means the green sea turtle in Hawaiian. And yes, this place is so Hawaiian. I love how they served so many Tuna and Salmon bowl in the menu. And there's only one Grilled Chicken bowl, which I like it a lot! The bowl also served with salad and rice (you can choose white or brown rice).

For the beverages, their recommended drinks are Ginger Lemon Matcha and Matcha Latte. But, because I really really wanna try this coconut coffee from Drink Gili , so yeah I bought it. And it tasted oh so yummy! This coffee contains freshly ground coffee beans, 100% coconut water, organic coconut sugar and organic milk. I like the Coffee +  Milk, because it tasted like Coffee Latte. 

And I think, the place is very cozy, nice, with so many cushions and also suitable for kids. 

Yes, I'm sure this place is gonna be one of my favorite place to eat. Because I think it's all really worthed to try! ❤

Honu : Poke & Matcha Bar
Jl. Kemang Selatan No. 125 
Bangka, Mampang Prapatan 

Girl With An Attitude

Video :

This is one of my favorite song from one of my favorite musician. To me, this song is really touchy. It really decribes about how I feel lately about this country.

Imagine - John Lennon

Girl With An Attitude

Friday, May 26, 2017

Be kind.

"Be kind to another"

That's what Ellen DeGeneres always says everytime she ended her talk show. And that is true. We all should be kind to another. Even to the people you don't like. It is not about because "people that sees you kind, will give you some complement or whatever". No, that's not my point. But it's more like, the way you treat people will give you a good effect. You feel happy and lovable. Because universe conspires that. And someday, soon, people will also kind to you. That's the way of magic.

If we can be kind and be lovable to another, so why should we hate each other? Why people always seems mad and emotional? Why can we just be peace. Lots of happiness and positive attitude. Spread some love. Give some good vibration instead the bad one. 

Hopefully I can still see some love in this world.

By the way, happy fasting to the family and friends whose celebrate it. 

Be kind. Be love. And be happy ❤

Girl With An Attitude

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Review : Some make up stuffs


It's been a long time I didn't review something about beauty product or make up. So now, I'm going to review some of make up or beauty products that I've been trying lately :

1. Innisfree Lip Scrub :

I bought this Lip Scrub when I went to Singapore a few weeks ago. And I realized that I have never buy any lip scrub. Because you know, when you like to use matte lipstick so much, I think it would be nice if I give my lips a very nice treatment. Then voila! After I used it about three times, I feel like my lips are more pumply and healthy. This lip scrub had no scent, which I think it's good. But there's a hint of mint when I applied it. And everytime I'm using it (2 times a week), I always give a little massage to my lips. I think this product is great. It really can make my lips dewy, pumply and the most it healthier. I give two thumbs up for it!

2. Make Over Lip Balm Lip Nutrition & Catrice All Matt :

I bought this Catrice All Matt compact powder because I really need some matte compact powder for my face. To be honest, I read about this product from one of my favorite online review make up. When I know many girls says this compact powder is good, then I bought it immediately, hehe.

What I love about this compact powder is because. the powder itself was not too powdery. But it more soft and light into my face. And I think this compact powder is really really matte. Eventhough is not that long lasting, but yeah, it can fit to my face about 5-6 hours. And I have to admit the packaging is very cute and pretty, but too bad it doesn't came with the sponge. 

Meanwhile, this Lip Balm Lip Nutrition from Make Over is really good! I bought it at Century when discount, hehe. The reason why I bought it because it has an Orange scent. I have never ever bought something oranges or fruity (besides cherry lip balm, hehe), because I'm a sweet vanilla and chocolaty kinda person. This product really smooth into my lip. So soft and pumply, but not too oily. I love to apply it before I'm using my matte lipstick. 

I bought this product from my favorite online shop. Besides this product is not too exspensive, it is also covered my black circle and some black spot in my face. I love how this product has this little brush, so I think it's really practical. I bought the natural shade, because I think it can fit into my skin face. There's nothing more I can say about this product besides : handy, good, and blended very well into my skin.

That's all about my review. I hope it can help you to choose and buy the product that you want ☺

"The best and most beautiful things in the world, 
cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt by heart"
-Hellen Keller-

Girl With An Attitude