Friday, October 16, 2015

Lullaby with Lullatone

Here's once again, another band duo that I like lately. The first time I hear "Growing Up" from this band called Lullatone, it feels like someone's just lullabying me for a good sleep. The band based in Nagoya, Japan. And their music is more like simple, innocent, easy listening and childlike. This couple (the husband is from America, while the wife is from Japan), only plays instruments and sometimes with lyrics. 

The reason why I like this band is, because their music feels cute. With some happy tempos and a touch of pianika and guitar. I'm sure you will also shake your head while hearing the beats.

And also, you can see that all of the songs have a unique titled, just like a story book :
  • The Biggest Pile Of Leaves You Have Ever Seen
  • An Awkward Dinner Conversations at The Family Gathering
  • Driving Home with The Towel on The Seat
  • Still Feeling The Waves When You Go To Bed
  • Grocery Shopping For a BBQ
  • Riding A Bike Down A Big Hill and Taking Your Feet Off
  • Finding A Leaf in Your Girlfriend's Hair
And many more. Such a unique titles!

You can also check the unique yet simple video from them, "Growing Up"

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