Sunday, March 1, 2015

A small thing

No, this is not a Starbukcs commercial. But I was just wondering that maybe, if every human being in this world always say this "Good morning and have a nice day!" words, I'm sure this world can be a better place. Every big things always starts from a small things. Just remember, always say "Thank You" if someone helps you. Always say "Help" if you really need someones favor. And always say "Sorry" when you know you're the one who made a mistake. 

Those small things with a big meanings it can change the world. It can change your day. And the most important thing is, it can change yourself :) 

1 comment:

Mary Andrikus said...

move to my place and then you will hear "have a good day" from every person that you talked to hehehhe :D Working as a cashier, I usually say "have a good day" to every customers until it becomes a habit :)