Thursday, March 26, 2015


Someone says that if you loves to have pets, then you are a very generous and carrying person. Well yeah, I believe that. When I was around 6 years old, I have two little rabbits. I named them Kiki and Koko (typically name). Afterwards, my mom bought these colorful fishes for me and my brother (but I did not named them, haha). When you have pets, then you feel like you must love them and feed them very well. It's like their life is on your hand. You have to carry them very gently. Sometimes pets can also be your bestfriend. Dogs are Men bestfriends. Meanwhile I think cats are more cuter for Women. 

When I was in college year, I also had two fishes. I named them Fishy and Wishy. I put them in my room. So I can see them everytime I want to.

Now, I still have cats. I have seven cats. Yes, seven! 

Meanwhile, my husband also have five dogs. Haha!

Luckly my husband also loves pets, because if your man loves to have pets, then he must be a very carrying and romantic guy. Yeah, sure that :)

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