Friday, March 27, 2015

Electric Youth!

You probably know that song, which was one of the most happening song on 1988 (I was around 7 y.o). Yes, Debbie Gibson is the singer. She's one of those babe whom really famous in that era. I was also a big fan of her. My ears got the thing for the songs Electric Youth, Lost In Your Eyes, No More Rhyme, We Could Be Together, Out Of The Blue, Only In My Dreams, and many more. 
About 2 days ago, I saw my friend on Path had been listened 'Only In My Dreams', so it makes me wanna write something about Debbie Gibson in my blog.

I remember when I was on that year, I forced my Mom to buy me the bowler hat like Debbie used to wore. But Mom did not allowed me, huhu..

"Out Of The Blue"

If you see in this video that Debbie is wearing that bowler hat, then probably Taylor Swift will smiling, because on her video '22', Taylor also wore the same hat.

"Electric Youth"

"Zappin in to yaa".. haha that's the opening lyric, which I think is cool. Because I don't know what the words means. This video is very awesome, because the choreographer was great! My brother also love this video, because there was a part when Debbie threw a paper ball then suddenly it changed into Michael Jordan picture!

"Lost In Your Eyes"

When you're in love, then you should listen to this song. I think the video is so sweet. It's like they were truly in loved! Fyi, the male model in this video was the same in the 'Foolish Beat' video clip.

"We Could Be Together"

One of my favorite song. I really love the lyric "If you said jump, I'll say how high? If you said run, I'll run and fly". I think it's about friendship song. In this video, you can see Debbie played guitar and also drums (eventhough it looks like acting).

"No More Rhyme"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this song is the soundtrack from the TV serial The Wonder Years. Because you can see the girl (I think the named is Winnie) played Cello in the opening. Actually this is my sister favorite video. 

Too bad I haven't heard any update news from Debbie Gibson. Because I think she's one of this talented girl who can sing but also play guitar, piano, drums and playing movie. I hope Debbie will have her concert in Jakarta, so maybe I can come and watch her. Yeah!

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