Monday, March 9, 2015

Am I robot?

"..You are robot not a human,
or you are robot act like human"
-Goodnight Electric-

Have you seen this movie already? I think this movie is great (luckly I saw it in 4D X, so I felt it like in a reality). This movie is about someone genius name Deon, whom created a robots that became a police in some city. The robots are smart because it can helps avoid criminal things. But in the end, robot can also be a "bad" person. And also, human can be controlled by robots. 

I just cannot imagine if this is true. I mean, robots can controlled us. Robots are smarter than us. They also have a feelings. They also can be sad, can be happy can be such a little baby. I was wondering, what if in the future, robots are true can controlled human? Or what if someone that you loved, changed into a robot? Isn't that strange?

But I think, lately, human sometimes are so hypocrite and toady. They can do something or anything (that maybe they don't like), just to get what they want. Just to get some mightiness or just to be someone that they aren't. Huh, speaking about politics here..

So guys, if you haven't seen the movie, then you better watch it. And see for yourself what if robots can controlled human. :)

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