Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shawl & Scarf

As a woman, we were born to be a pretty and beautiful creature. That's why there is always make ups, perfumes, accesoriess, contact lens, bags, shoes and clothes. I'm one of the kind that not into make ups. Well, yeah, sometimes I used to put full make up on my face. But I don't want to be that "fake", so I'm just trying to be more natural. The girlthings that I really cannot live in days are :

  • Lip balms : Yes, I can put lip balms over and over and over in one day. I like the balm one, not glossy.
  • Blush on : I like the soft pink and kinda natural. Because makes my cheek more blushing.
  • Lotion : I used to like a vanilla, chocolate or sweets scents.
  • Perfume : This one, I can spray it about 4 times in a day. I like a sweets and fresh one
  • Shawl & scarf : I used to wear this when I'm going to the mall.
Speaking about shawl, I have a currently favorite shawl that I ordered online from Chronicle Indonesia. It has sooo many colors and pattern. It's more etnic and classy. I have the orange design from Ikat 04. 

I like it a lot!
You can follow the Instagram @chronicleindonesia

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