Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another bloggers that I like

Besides blogging, I used to do blog walking. The blogs that I thought was nice and would be my favorite blogs must have a criterias. Must be a very creative and interesting blog. Lately, I found a lots of it  :

  1.  Cupcakes and Cashmere, the owner of this blog is Emily. I like her blog because it's so inspiring. I think she's just not only pretty and smart, but also low profile and creative. Her blog is like 'you're reading a newspaper'. Because it's informative and had a very nice pictures.

2. Little Red Bow Talk, the girl names Marlyn. The first time I saw her face, reminds me of Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. It's cute, fashionable, creative, funny and has a very long brown hair. I really like her outfits. Because it's sweet and also vintage. She used to have a shop, which she made it by herself all of the stuffs. The last time she had wrote her blog was July 2013. It's means she haven't updated anything about her. Meanwhile, I also follow her Instagram :)

3. The Vintage Valley, I think she's a reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. Because her face and style is soooooooooo 50's. Which I think is so damn cute! The name is Alley, and she used to be a browned hair girl. But now, she's blonded her hair and sometimes curled it and looks like Marilyn Monroe! Her blog is also vintage. The photos, the stuffs, her style and the way she posed. Such a beautiful classy woman :)

If I were a guy, I know what's my criteria girl. 
Yup, she must be creative, kind, sweet, smart and cute! 

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