Friday, February 28, 2014


You know, I was just wondering, when me and Krishna got married, I realized our parents are not only our 'real' parents. Our parents are blended now. It means, my mom and dad being Krishna's mom and and. Also his parents, now, already being my parents. I'm so happy about that. It feels like more people coming into our world. The good thing is, me and Krishna have three houses. I tell you what, on Monday to Tuesday, we spent our nights at Krishna's mom and step dad's house (at Jeruk Purut). On Wednesday to Thursday, we spent our nights at Krishna's dad and step mom's house (at Cipete). Meanwhile, on Friday to Saturday, we spent our nights at my parents (at Bintaro). Then got back to Jeruk Purut on Sunday night.

I know we haven't had our own house (but soon, we will), because we feel like we still want to enjoy this moment. To be a 'kids' again, which our parents feel happy if we stay at their house.

Speaking about parents, I know how they feel when their kids suddenly don't lives at the house anymore. To be honest, until now, I'm sure my mom and dad always misses me because I am not around. And as the youngest in my family, I am the one who spent much time with my parents rather my siblings. And that makes me feel sad and also misses my mom and dad. But Krishna always and always caring me. He always hug me around while I'm whining about how I miss my mom. He always cheers me up when I'm sad and cannot stop thingking about how I misses my parents so much.

Lucky that I having him as my husband :)

Someday, we will also be a parents. Will have a child, raise him or her, love him or her. Being a parents it will be wonderful, I'm sure.

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