Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love. Life. Good.

We all know that everybody in this world has their own soulmate. Everybody has their own destiny, and someone to rely on. Today is the 10th days I'm marrying Krishna, the boy that I spent almost my 2 years with. The first time we've dated, I knew that he's gonna be my husband. I knew that I will spend every single days with him. Spend my life with him. And now, we are married. I'm so happy with that!

It's still has thousand days more that I will spend with him, and I really cannot wait for that (in a good way) People say that marriage life is a phase that we should sharing everything with our partner. Sometimes can be good, but in the other time it can be bad. That's the art for being a husband and wife, isn't it?

I feel so blessed about what I have now. I'm sure God always have a plan to everybody in this whole wide world. To me, to Krishna, our families, and our friends. Even just a little thing. 

Dear God, thank you. My life, my love is so good! :)

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