Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blog. Blogging. Blogger.

I've been blogging since 2008 and still. I love writing and I love to express what I feel and what I've already did. I also have so many favorites bloggers. Because I think those people really can give me some motivations and they're also really creative, talented and cheerful! I remember, I even can made friends with one of the blogger name Kiky. You can see the story here. About 3 years ago , my favorite bloggers replied my Twitter here, and you can't imagine how happy I was!

With blogging, I can write about whatever I want. I wrote about my favorite shawl made in Indonesia from Chronicles Indonesia here, and they loved it. I also wrote about underwear stuff from Zalora here. They loved it and they gave me some vouchers. Yayness! The latest, I wrote about some cute accessories that I bought online here, and they trully loved it and posted in their Instagram.
Meanwhile, one of the cute website accessories name Hair Dessert, put my link blog on their feature page

See how blogging really can made my life now, rite? :)

I have so many favorite blogs and bloggers, And I am going to give the links here :

From Indonesia :

From around the world :

Here you go, I already mention my favorite blogs that I've been read since 2008, and some of those I just read it about a few months ago. So, if you'd like to starts your own blog, you better check these links first. Cause their might be your favorites and also can give you some creative ideas.

Happy blogging!


Mary Andrikus said...

Kyaaaa ada nama kuu :D btw iyaaa tuh blog nya ABM sama LoveTaza emang favorite banget

ovi siregar said...

Hihihi..iya dooong :)