Friday, January 2, 2015

I hate this feeling!

I'm a kind of person who always sensitive about something. Yeah, maybe in this 2015, one of my biggest wish is to vanish my sensitive feeling. I'm not a sad or desperate person. No I am not. But sometimes, I really can cry if I feel I've been abandoned. Lately, I think I've been forgotten by my own 'old friends'. This crazy feeling that I have, when my friends went to some place with their kids. Yeah, kiddo. I mean, I haven't have a kid. I even haven't pregnant yet. Meanwhile, most of my friends  are already have a kids. So, when they want to meet up, they always bring their kids. And it's like, I always been forgotten, or maybe I've been abandoned because I haven't have a kid yet. 

Yeah, I know, this probably the worst feeling ever. I always try to be a positive and cheer up person. But when it came to talk about kids, I was like..sad :'(

Maybe I'm just tired because many people annoyed me and asked why I haven't pregnant yet.Well, you can ask God then. 

Just mind your own business, ok? I'm tired and sick of it. I really wanna have a cute kids, you know. But please, don't asked me over and over again, dear people. 

What if you're the one that always been asked? Are you sad? Or really don't care at all?

"I'm a human being, I'm cry, I'm actually extremely sensitive.
My feelings get hurt, I get nervous. Just like everyone.."

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