Friday, January 30, 2015


I decided to changed my blog template with white color. Why white? Well, because white is a neutral color. Delightful. Simple. Calm. And innocent. Maybe I described my blog as those things. Speaking about white, have you ever imagine what if there is no white in this world? It is all about black and dark. Hollow. Shadow. Mysetrious. Huh, life must be so pathetic I tell ya!

If you see a piece of white paper, you must be so dying to write it, to put some colors or at least just draw a line or something. So, that's what I am talking about. I put white on my blog template, because everytime I see it, it's like I wanna write and tell some stories on it. 

White is not my favorite color, but I can tell you it's a pretty and simple one.

“If you can place black where it suppose to be, 
you will see white and white is light.”
-Temi Sholeye-

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