Monday, January 19, 2015

To write a novel

Remember my post about a short story that I wrote with titled "Karena Cinta" ? No? Haha, well it's okay though. I wrote the short story about 4 years ago. Actually that was my 1st short story. I also wrote a teenlit / novel with titled "Kisah Oriana". But I haven't posted it on my blog yet. I wrote the "Kisah Oriana" about 5 or 6 years ago. And I already submitted into so many publisher. But, I guess I was not that lucky. The publishers rejected my novel. Because they said. they're not published a teenlit yet. (Well speaking of that, if you go to a book store, there are so many so many so many teenlit ;)

I plan to change the "Karena Cinta" into a novel. I mean, if you read the story, you can see the story is so absurd and did not have a history story (what is the history story anyway? Hihi). I plan to write about how the two people in that novel met, fellin love and so on. So I guess I'm going to start to write it now. Yihaaa!

To be a writer is one of my dream. Because it's in my blood. My dad also a writer, till now. And I'm proud of that. I am proud about all the books he has written. Way to go, dad!

Wish me luck, then :)

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