Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday morning

You know, sometimes we really need a 'one day me time' for ourselves. For me, Sunday is the best day! Like now, I am about to write another post for my blog, meanwhile a very cute Salted Caramel cupcake from yesterday birthday, is staring at me and waiting for me to eat it. Hihi.

When I was searching something about fashion, I found this nice and fashionable blog, Zalora. Yes, this website is an online shop website. We can find everything for Women and Men. I think this website gives you recommendation to buy something pretty, nice and fashionable from soooo many great brands.

Lately, I am so into bra (s). Then I found this beautiful stuff about bras also in this website. I like the color, the lace and the pretty ribbon. The bra sets also helps me to match the color with my clothes :)

Wow, this website totally help me to find any stuff I need. I will definetely put it into my favorite page website. Yay! 

You can click the link on or also follow the twitter @ZaloraID

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