Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just saying.....

Tonight I'm all alone. And you cannot imagine how much I miss Krishna so much! Tonight he will be perform at Tebet, and sadly, I cannot join with him because I'm not feeling so well. My throat sore, and I always sneezing. I guees I'm going to have a flu. Darn!
I miss him. Because lately, he's sooo busy like crazy. Escpecially when he's already got a job. But I am so proud of him. Eventhough he stucks with this office thingy, but he still can play music with The Upstairs and his Visco. *I'm a proud girlfriend*.
Ok then. Krishna will be perform for about a minutes. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here at home, blogging and listening to Coldplay songs.
Hope Krishna will have a great performance tonight. Yeah, I'm sure he will! :)

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