Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bye Bye November

It's already December now, it means, goodbye November. My month. I always like November, because that month, was the day that I was born. And also my dad. So November is really special for us. When you enjoyed something, you feel like that thing is really gone so fast. Time flies. I feel like, November was just about to starts, but the truth is, November was ends. Now is December, the 2nd of December, actually. So many things that I had on November. And I loved it! :)
I hope December will be a good month for me. December is the end of the month on every year. So I really hope it well be special. There will be Christmas (I always like Christmas atmosphere, eventough I don't celebrate it), and there will be New Year's eve. Yay!
After December 2012, I just can't wait to starting my plans. Yes, I have so many plans! Hopefully will be come true soon. Amen. Welcome, dear December :)

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