Saturday, October 1, 2011

Videos of the week

Buses & Trains - Bachelor Girl

I like this song a lot! Reminds me of the year 1998 when I was at Senior High School. I used to sing this song with my friends, and I made my own little percussion from a little bottle with the sands on it. And the sounds were really beautiful. I miss that moment. In that year, I also fellin love with the TV series Dawson's Creek. And I think this song is one of the soundtrack. *Errr, not quiet sure* ;) 

Hands All Over - Maroon 5

Everytime I see the video, it's like I wanna scream! Adam Levine is totally hot as usual. I like the concept of the video. Have a little bit cartoons effect and scetches. It matched with the song I think. It's a little bit different with the 'used' to Maroon 5 songs. The only thing I don't like is, the naked woman on the video. Not so good I guess.   

Baby Baby  - Amy Grant

This video was rawk! Haha. I guess it's on 1989. In that year, Amy Grant was such a babe. This is one of her popular songs. I like this song and also the video. Amy and this guy have a chemistry on the video. It's like they are really a couple. Love it!  

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