Saturday, October 1, 2011


I had this conversation with my friend. It's a very unique conversation I guess, and it's like I've learned something about it. I know what is BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder). But just to make sure, I read it again and browsed it from Wikipedia. BIID formerly known as Amputee Identity Disorder, is a neurological and psychological disorder that makes sufferers feel they would be happier living as an amputee. It is typically accompanied by the desire to amputate one or more healthy limbs to achieve that end.
The most widely accepted current theory on the origin of BIID is that it is a neurological failing of the brain's inner body mapping function (located in the right parietal lobe). According to this theory, the brain mapping does not incorporate the affected limb in its understanding of the body's physical form.

My friend asked me : "What do you think of BIID? How would you deal with a friend who tell you about BIID? Would you vote for trying to live with BIID, or would you vote for the amputation, if it will makes it better?"

Then I answered : "It's not like I'm going to judge it weird or something. Sometimes things doesn't have to be perfect, right? I don't know what to say, but all I know is that some people have their own selection to make them feel better."

And then we changed the topic. :)

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