Saturday, June 7, 2014

Jakarta Cullinary Passport

Today, my family and I went to Jakarta Cullinary Passport 2014 event at Grand Indonesia, West Mall, 5th Floor. I was so excited to go there. Because off course, I'm a food lover, and I'm planning to try every kind of food there, hehe. The first time we got there, we bought this ticket which is the 'passport' to entering this event. The price is only IDR 10.000. It's so cheap to this happening big event. I think there was some 60 tents had joined the event. 

There are so many so many so many choices there. You want sweet desserts, Mexican food, Padang Food, Turkey food, just name it! I can't take my eyes on the sweet desserts. Eventhough there are so many ice cream, yoghurt, cakes, and passtries with different brands, I'm sure each of them have a unique tastes. One of the unique dessert that had interested me was Kelasi (Kelapa isi), which is a coconut skin became a bowl, and theres a sticky rice, red bean and coconut ice cream inside the coconut skin. The tastes was so yummy! 

The second unique dessert was Martabak brownies Dakocan. It's a brownie with a circle shaped, and  chocolate sprinkles, peanuts, nuttela, cheese and raisin for the toping. After that, well yeah off course I was thirsty. That's why I bought this milk tea with the brand name Addict Tea. I like the Banana and Green Tea flavor.

I think this kinda event is very nice. Because it can be the place where we can find so many foods with so many choices and also with a cheaper price. Well, not bad to spent my weekend :)

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