Saturday, June 14, 2014

Somethings I like to wear

What is the most all of women like in this world, besides LOVE? Fashion! Yes, totally. We all women really adoring something beautiful and something to make us more pretty and sophisticated. Not forget also fancy. I am also a woman who adore it. To me, every person, especially women, must know how to make themselves confident. I mean, not just being the follower and copying someone's style. Well yeah, sometimes like it or not, we did a copying style to someone that we adore. For example, i like vintage and a very nice style, especially if I went to the office. Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschannel, and some of girls from my favorite bloggers, were definitely my icons. You know something like wearing stocking, nice clothes with ribbon, a skirt, and a vintage shoes. 

But, I also like wearing shawl or scarf. And lately, I really adore this brand from Indonesia, which made so many nice shawls, Chronicles Indonesia. I already had two pieces. And soon, I will buy it some more. I like the design, Because it's so ethnic, colorful, unique, and sophisticated. Ikat 04 and Biku 11 are my favorite most (till now).

It's a very proudly thing, that Indonesian people can make something beauty and good. :)

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