Sunday, June 1, 2014

Little things, lately

  1. Garçon : I went to this place with Atha, my friend. I had read about this place, which said "the Eclairs is so God damn good!". But unfortunately, I only ordered this Chocolate melted cake. And tastes yummy also. I don't really like the crowd, because it's too smooky. Meanwhile, I am not a smoker. So,'s not a really cozy place to have a chat.
  2. Pancious : We all know that Pancious is the first "Pancake house" in here. And without any doubt, I used to ordered an original pancakes! I like the tastes, and the smooth into my tongue. Yum, foodgasm!!
  3. Fiji : This healthy water tastes like any other mineral water. But lately, I don't know why I always consume this water. Sometimes, I added a 3 or 4 sliced lemon, and also raspberries. Then this Fiji water became a detox water for my body.
  4. Nicole by O.P.I : Yeah, I bought these 2 bottles nail polish. Yellow and glittery blue. I like the mixed between the bright sweet yellow and the glitter that looks so fancy.
  5. Crakers and Apricot jam : Krishna and I decided to be a better healtier person. So thats why, we are into detox water, yoghurts, fruits and crackers for our days. Especially in the morning. 
  6. T.W.G tea : Uh oh..this is my very favorite place to relax and enjoy their variant teas. I just went to that place on last week with Chiara and Krishna. I ordered White French Tea. And as usual, the smell, the tastes, the sensation is sooooooooooo nice!
  7. Tenryuji Temple at Kyoto, Japan : Aaah, suddenly I miss this beautiful place. I really like this place, because it's so peaceful and beautiful. Sakura everywhere, the sun, the wind and the atmosphere feels so romantic.
  8. Ruby Wing changing nail polish : I ordered this nail polis from Mooishe online shop. Why I like this thing? Well, it's because it can changing color. It has 4 different colors, and each of them has a nice natural color and a cinnamon scented. Likey!
  9. Cappucino Chocolate : Oma gave us this chocolate that she brought from Holland. Only one word to describe this egg shaped chocolate : GOOD! 

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