Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy one month

Today on 10 April 2012 is our one month anniversary. Or you can say it in French, 'Un anniversaire moins'. Time flies so fast. It's like, I just met Krishna a couple months ago. As you can see it in this blog, lately I always posting about our photos and our stories. Because I feel so happy about this relationship. I feel that he's giving me a very nice aura in my life. Positivity always. There is nothing much I can say about today. But all I know is, I wrote a story about us and I posted the pictures also. Then I gave it to him. It's a surprise little gift, but I like it. And I'm happy, because he's happy to read it. Breathtaking, he said :)

It's still a one month, and there will be lots of months to come. Upside downs, arguments, a little troubles and so on, are somethings annoyed in a relationship. But I hope sure that we can handle it. Pretty sure! Happy one month once again dear Krishna. I love you Bum :)

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