Monday, April 25, 2016


Ok, maybe someday soon I'm going to write some poet or quotes book like Diana Rikasari did. Yes, maybe I was inspired by her. Because I really loves writing and I love how words can describes something beautiful :

"Lay your sleeping head on me, my love.
Then starts your dream about catching the stars in the sky.
(24 April 2016)

"What I love most about us is because 
we always express what we feel"
(22 April 2016)

"A good breakfast is when you eat it with lots of love
and feel bless of what you have. Happy Monday!"
(4 April 2016)

"Sleep my love. So I can change your dream
into reality"
(5 February 2016)

"This is life sometimes. Complicated. Chaos.
Dizzy. But some things are last forever"
(5 February 2016)

"How I love to be more silent lately.
Just to sip a coffee and reminiscing everything"
(14 January 2016)

"Be like the flower that always blossoms and beautiful everytime.
So you can feel how wonderful life is"
(10 January 2016)

"Dear love, take me to the wonderland.
So I can feel the beauty of the wonderland"
(3 January 2016)

"People said that if you're not in a good mood, 
you should eat something sweet.
Because life is too sweet to be wasted!"
(2 December 2015)

"If only I could be triple,
I would be here, there, and everywhere"
(29 August 2015)

"Life is a colorful journey!"
(29 August 2015)

"Sometimes I wonder, what if the world turns into black and white?
Maybe I couldn't see the green in the trees. The blue in the sky.
And the rainbow in your eyes"
(22 August 2015)

Girl With An Attitude

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