Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Healthy life

Lately, I feel that my body is not quite well. I mean, about a week ago, I just got flu and a little bit fever. Plus, my body felt very uncomfortbale. And now, again, flu has attacked me for the second time in these two weeks. Geez!

I know why I always get sick lately. I have to admit, because I'm a little bit lazy for doing exercise. Even just to strech my legs, arms and head. I haven't do jogging for almost two months! Can you imagine that? I used to jongging two or three times a week, with Krishna or with some friends. And we used to went to Gelora Bung Karno and did some jogs and stuffs. But, when we moved to Bintaro, we changed the location into Bintaro Xchange. Because it has jogging tracks there. 

Oh, btw, waaaaay back there, I used to did Yoga. My Mom taught me how to do a good Yoga. But now? Oh well, I am sooo lazy. Helppp!

I promise to myself that I will do some exercise again. Jogging, swimming, Yoga or just strech my body. I miss that things. And I miss the fact that my body is really healthy and I feel like a Supergirl. Hihi.

Things that I would do :
  • Exercise even just for a minutes
  • Eat some healthy foods
  • Consume more fruits
  • Consume some milk
  • Do fasting every Monday and Thursday (I forgot the last time I did this!)
  • Have a positive mind 
  • Have a good attitude
  • Always feel to be better

Ok peeps, don't forget to do some exercise and choose a healthy life. Because a healthy soul bring peaceful into your life. Happy exercise! 

Girl With An Attitude

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