Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello April!

Again, a very new month we're entering now. So it's time for me to change my background blog (again).

This time, I chose this simple and sweet template with pastel green and a little bit vintage style. I feel calmness when I see this template. And that's also what I feel lately. Yes, I have to admit that on last month, I have so many works to do. I mean, my office thingy was absolutely crazy last month. And also I have to find another maid for my parents house (gladly I already found it). It was a crazy month for Krishna also. Because on March, his band was celebrated the 12th anniversary 'Matraman' album. So you can imagine how busy they were to prepared the performance. They did the rehearsal twice a week for about almost a month. But finally, the gig went very well :)

Just like when I had my breakfast this morning, I feel happy, enjoy and bless. That's why calmness is on my mind right now. And I transfered into my background blog :)

Donuts & coffee

"A good breakfast is when you eat it
with lots of love, and feel bless with all you have"

Girl With An Attitude 

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