Monday, April 11, 2016

I wish I was Supergirl

Two days ago I had a weirdest dream. I mean, I haven't had a dream like that before. I dreamt that I was kidnapped by this Chinese gang. I think it's more like a Chinese mafia. So, the story was like, I went to some place either like China or Hongkong. Then I was in the car with some strangers (I think it was like a tour group or something). Suddenly, our car was sabotage with this Chinese gang, and they asked us to get our from the car. Then they kidnapped and brought us to this place like storehouse and threated us with weapons. I didn't understand the language, meanwhile they always screamed at us.

Suddenly, one of a man from the tour group that stand right besides me, tried to escape and against the bad mafia. But the mafia took his hands and bindid it. The mafia hurts the mans hands with some thing like pungent clips, and that makes his hands bleeds. After the mans hands bleeds, the mafia tried mine. An I was like "Oh boy, nows my turn!". And the I woke up, haha!

You know what was I thinking when the mafia hurts the mans hands? I was thinking that "I wish I was Supergirl. So I can against the mafia and helps the people who was on kidnapped. So I can beat them up with my power".

I don't know, but I think it's important for us to motivate ourselves that we are strong and have a power same as a superhero. Because it can makes ourselves more comfortable and sure that we can do something that we think we cannot do it. 

Girl With An Attitude

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