Friday, August 21, 2015

Studio D.I.Y

Hello again!

Probably you would think in these past three days, I often to write a new posts in my blog. Haha, well because I have some spare time to do it (eventhough I'm at the office). Besides, I think I'm such a bad fool person if I didn't post this one.

As a real woman, sometimes we love to make something cute and nice (or we can say D.I.Y = Do It Yourself). Some crafty or anything that we think it would be a very good idea to make it. At my previous office, I made my 'tissue box' from some old perfume box, because I loved the polka dots on that box. Then, I made this 'stationery' box (to put pen, pencil, scissor, ruler, etc), also from some old food box. I also made this 'marshmallow biscuit' and 'brownies packaging' for my sister in law when she had birthed. 

That's why, I really really love to see some website or Instagram about D.I.Y project. This one called Studio D.I.Y. You can see so many creative things and also cute. It can make you scream ZOMG!!!!!

These are some of my favorites :

So, have you decide it yet, which D.I.Y project you probably would make?
Happy making! 

Girl With An Attitude

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