Thursday, August 13, 2015

Damn, I love my life!

Ok, so, lately my heart is floating in the air. 'Coz I'm happy. Always. It's like I fell in love for the first time in my life. Why am I happy? Simple. Because..

  • I always surrounded by the people who always makes me happy and smile.
  • I feel like all of my dreams, finally came true. One by one. Step by step.
  • I feel healthy and always positive thinking.
  • I have a good friends.
  • I have a great job.
  • I'm happy to do blogging and listening to the musics that also makes me happy.
  • God loves me. No matter what.

Have you ever feel like you want to jump into the air and screaming "Damn, I love my life!"


Girl With An Attitude


Mary Andrikus said...

Hi Oviiii huehehehehe glad that you're happyyyy these days!

Mary Andrikus said...

Hiii Oviiii huehehehe glad that you're happy these daysss!

ovi siregar said...

Uh..oh..where have you been? Haha, yup, 'happy' is my middle name :)