Monday, August 31, 2015

Coffee talks

"In coffee city,
we borrowed heaven"
-The Corrs-

I realized on these past weekends, Krishna and I really haven't had an "our time". Or people used to say a date time. And we really missed that, for sure. Because on every weekend, it's my schedule to stay at my parents house at Bintaro. Krishna also often stay there with me, but sometimes we didn't have the time that we can 'sneak' around just the two of us. Because it was always turned out to be a family time with my parents and nephew (but I loved that!).

So, on last weekend, we decided to have a "date time". Without our friends. Without our family. Only the two of us. The love birds. :)

Yesterday morning, we had a very lovely breakfast. Coffee talks. Sweetness thing. Love conversations. Twinkle in our eyes. Holding hands. Romance. 

The sun flared and shined. I even didn't edited the photos. 
And also, I love the bubble in my cappuccino. It touched my lips very softly. Moist.

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