Saturday, December 16, 2017

"The Last Jedi"

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I watched Star Wars "The Last Jedi" about 3 days ago, and it is still tangling on my head. This movie is so magnificent. I have never seen a movie with such so many epic scenes. It gave me goosebumps. Salute!

As a kid who grew up on State, Star Wars is so familiar to me and my siblings. My brother once had this Darth Vader and Hansolo figure. And as a 3 year old kid, C3PO was a very very favorite of mine. This unique robot really reminds me of my childhood everytime I see Star Wars now. 

Back to the "The Last Jedi", this episode is the last episode for Carrie Fisher (who played Princess Leia, whom passed away on April 2017). Maybe that is why it really has so many touchy scenes.

You have too see it by yourself so that's why you'll know what I mean. ☺

"We are the spark that will light the fire"
-Poe, The Last Jedi-

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