Thursday, May 18, 2017

Speaking About Coffee Shops

Suddenly just popped into my head about how I really want to go to so many tiny coffee shops (not a branded / worldwide one) in Jakarta (and after that, maybe Bandung, Medan, Yogya, etc). I just want to try the differences of the coffees, and enjoy the atmosphere there with their comfy, nice or maybe even unique spot. I know, I'm not  a "black" coffee person. I'm more like a cafe latte or hot choco person ❤

To me, having a nice of cup a coffee is really relaxing for me. And there is nothing can make me happy more, besides try the coffee from a tiny coffee shops. 

I even have the list of it :
And many many more of them! Hehe..

The reason why I really want to go to so many coffee shops, it's because I have a planned that someday I'm going to make one. I mean, I am so into coffee (and also tea for sure!), so I think it would be awesome if someday I can have one. Ya know, a small coffee shop with a small library.

So yeah, wish me luck about it ☺ 

Girl With An Attitude

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