Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Review : Some make up stuffs


It's been a long time I didn't review something about beauty product or make up. So now, I'm going to review some of make up or beauty products that I've been trying lately :

1. Innisfree Lip Scrub :

I bought this Lip Scrub when I went to Singapore a few weeks ago. And I realized that I have never buy any lip scrub. Because you know, when you like to use matte lipstick so much, I think it would be nice if I give my lips a very nice treatment. Then voila! After I used it about three times, I feel like my lips are more pumply and healthy. This lip scrub had no scent, which I think it's good. But there's a hint of mint when I applied it. And everytime I'm using it (2 times a week), I always give a little massage to my lips. I think this product is great. It really can make my lips dewy, pumply and the most it healthier. I give two thumbs up for it!

2. Make Over Lip Balm Lip Nutrition & Catrice All Matt :

I bought this Catrice All Matt compact powder because I really need some matte compact powder for my face. To be honest, I read about this product from one of my favorite online review make up. When I know many girls says this compact powder is good, then I bought it immediately, hehe.

What I love about this compact powder is because. the powder itself was not too powdery. But it more soft and light into my face. And I think this compact powder is really really matte. Eventhough is not that long lasting, but yeah, it can fit to my face about 5-6 hours. And I have to admit the packaging is very cute and pretty, but too bad it doesn't came with the sponge. 

Meanwhile, this Lip Balm Lip Nutrition from Make Over is really good! I bought it at Century when discount, hehe. The reason why I bought it because it has an Orange scent. I have never ever bought something oranges or fruity (besides cherry lip balm, hehe), because I'm a sweet vanilla and chocolaty kinda person. This product really smooth into my lip. So soft and pumply, but not too oily. I love to apply it before I'm using my matte lipstick. 

I bought this product from my favorite online shop. Besides this product is not too exspensive, it is also covered my black circle and some black spot in my face. I love how this product has this little brush, so I think it's really practical. I bought the natural shade, because I think it can fit into my skin face. There's nothing more I can say about this product besides : handy, good, and blended very well into my skin.

That's all about my review. I hope it can help you to choose and buy the product that you want ☺

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