Friday, July 29, 2016

Review : Maybelline BB Cushion

Just like any other woman that always and always try new things a.k.a make up, I bought this Maybelline BB Cushion (I bought in Natural color) and want to see how's it gonna look like for my skin face :)

So first, I think the packaging is really nice. With gold and white color, it makes it really sophisticated. The sponge is thin like any other BB's cushion, and also the cushion itself is really wet. This BB cushion is composed 60% skin lotion, so it feels like a skincare product but with coverage. It comes in two shades : Natural and Light. 

The texture is creamy liquid, so it gives you a touch of dewy look. When I first tried it, I put it twice a.k.a 2 layers onto my face. It gives a natural look, but kinda wet (dewy). Too bad this cushion cannot hide my dark circles and acne scars. So I guess I still have to put separate concealer to make it  more perfect. And also, if you want to have a matte finishing, I suggest you should use loose powder and apply it with brush. And also if you feel like your face is oily, you should wipe it with oily paper first, and apply the loose powder afterwards (not the BB cushion). 

I'm not saying this BB Cushion is the best, but I think I'm going to use it until finish! Maybe I can combine it with any other powder or concealer.

So, do you girls want to try it, or still love the liquid/separate foundation and bb cream? Tell me :)

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