Monday, July 18, 2016

How To Make : "Mini Oatmeal Banana Pancakes"

Last Saturday, I made this homemade 'Mini Oatmeal Banana Pancakes'. Yes, because Pancake is one of my favorite breakfast all time! So, I decided to change the dough with oatmeal and banana (I saw the video from Karlie Kloss). So here are the ingredients :

1 Banana (make sure the banana is sweet)
1 egg
1 handfull oatmeal (I used the gluten free)
1 tea spoon Cinnamon Powder (but you can change it with Vanilla powder, Chocolate or any kind you want)
1 dinner spoon butter (I used Meadow Lea), to cook the pancakes.
1 bottle Maple Syrup

How to make it :

1. Take only 1 sweet banana and smash it
2. Add 1 egg then stir it until soft
3. Add one handfull of oatmeal, and stir it again until blended
4. Add 1 tea spoon of cinnamon powder ( I just loooove cinnamon powder), then stir it again.
5. Put 1 dinner spoon butter to your pan, heat it until melted
6. Put the pancakes dough one by one, then flip it every 2 or 3 minutes

How to serve it :

1. Cut some banana (just a small one) then put it on your pancakes
2. Put some cinnamon powder for garnish
3. Add some maple syrup, then voila! Your pancakes are ready to eat :)

Or you can check my video :

Or you can see Karlie Kloss made it :

Girl With An Attitude

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