Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hello July!

So I dedicated this post for Krishna, my husband. And also, I chose the background just to express how I feel for him. Now is July, and last month was June. The worst month for me, ever! Why? Well, as you all know that I had this Gallstone in my Gallblader, so I had a surgery to take my Gallblader. The surgery actually called Laparoscopy So the doctor made three little holes on my stomach (below my belly, on the right side and on my pit), to put the small camera inside and also the surgery things into my stomach. Then my Gallblader can went outside. And you know what? My Gallstones was actually big. It was 1,15 cm. Geez, no wonder my pit always hurts!

The Laparoscopy itself took 2,5 hours. But it was took 12 hours for me to really really conscious from the anestesi. No kidding, I was soooooo sleepy! I cannot open my eyes for a minutes. And my body feels soooo tired. I never imagine before that in my life (besides if I have to do caesar if I'm pregnant), I will have a surgery. Hiks!

 And now, it's almost  2 weeks since I had the Laparoscopy. The pain is not hurt anymore. But the worst thing is, sometimes, my pit still hurts. I mean I have this heart burn from the Gastritis. Hopefuly I will be recovery soon. I mean very pretty soon!

Ok so, the point is, I stayed in the Hospital for a week. And I had the Laparoscopy on 20th June. Krishna always took care of me. He also stayed in the Hospital and sleep on the floor only with Yoga mat. He had to woke up early in the morning to do Sahur, and then prepared to go to work. It makes me sad to see that. I mean I know he's tired, uncomfortable, sleepy and worried about me. And on 21th June, he had his birthday. But we cannot celebrated. And I even had not give any birthday present for him. Teared!

He is  a very good and caring husband I would say. I really cannot imagine if he was not around me that moment.

So, this background is a rose petals. And I dedicated the rose petals for him. To show him how much I really truly love him forever! 

Oh, by the way, happy July, happy fasting, and almsost happy Eid Mubarak, everyone! :)

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