Tuesday, September 22, 2015

To find a bedroom style

Since Krishna and I will have our own house, so I decided to focusing first for our bedroom. Because bedroom is not only a place that we can sleep well. But also a very intimate place. Haha, not 'that' intimate. But it's more like a place / room you can rest yourself after a very long day. A place that you can change your clothes. A place that you can share your dreams together with the loved one. A place that you can 'do-something-weird' without anyone knows or see it.

Krishna and I are a type of a person who always talking together before we go to sleep. Always share some stories about what we did on that day. We always cuddling and whispering 'I love you' all the time. Sometimes we're holding hands while we're sleeping. Romantic thing! 

I'm searching many style of bedrooms. Eventhough we already know which style of bedroom we would choose. So here are some of the styles :

Spanish style : this style is more like a 'sensual and sexy' type. With so many terracota color and pillows. 

Modern style : It's more like futuristic type. A modern but simple bed, and a little bit empty eventhough it's a very big room.

Tuscany style : This type it's a very european style. It's so 'mature and dark', with also so many pillows and elegant heavy curtains. I think it's more like a 'King' room.

Hawaiian style : This is a fun type! It's like a kid room with cute pillows and blanket. And some picture which is look like a real beach. But I think it's too childish, hihi..

American style : It's a standart type which looks like a hotel room. It's cozy with a big size bed, carpet, a small table lamp, and a big chair on the corner. 

Japanese style : This style is one of a type that Krishna and I really love. Because the bed it's only using futon. Which is very simple and not to big for the room. (yeah, I'm going to find the futon at IKEA!)

Christmas lamp style : This is the winner! *clap your hands everyone*
Because I always wanted to have a bedroom like this. It's sweet, warm and romantic. It doesn't have to use a big size bed. But the important thing is, the christmas lamp on the head side. Nice!

See, I told you we already know which style we will choose. The main thing is, you don't have to make your bedroom too heavy with so many stuffs, so many clothes, so many curtains and big size bed. Because the point is how your bedroom describe yourself. Because your soul is there. Calm and peaceful.

"Real intimacy depends on truth-lovingly told-especially in the bedroom"
-Joyce Brothers-

Girl With An Attitude

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