Friday, September 4, 2015


I just found out that Holga camera launched a new version, which is a Holga Digital. I mean, seriously guys, isn't that great?! I know that Holga is part of the Lomo Camera. The old kinda camera with roll films. The classic one.

I'm not a 'real' photographer, and I'm not a professional one. But I love taking a pictures. Especially somethings like old stuffs, natures and foods. I'm not into OOTD one, hihi,,

I remember, one time, when I still worked at Time Out Jakarta magazine, my friends and I did this pose with all of us held a lomo cameras!

Guess which one is me?

Btw, if you are into Holga Digital, you can see this one. And I think I also like it!

So, have you decide which color would you pick? :)

Speaking about that, I remember that I've posted about how I love camera so much in here
I wrote : "Saya sendiri tidak pernah merasa bahwa saya hebat dalam mengambil foto. Namun sesekali, saya memang suka mengabadikan foto dengan angle yang berbeda dan unik. Dan saya juga mengusahakan agar tidak meniru karya orang lain. Tidak apa dibilang kurang bagus, yang penting idenya orisinil."

Yes, that's true. Just be real.

Don't think, just shoot! 

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