Friday, September 11, 2015

This is drama, baby!

I'm having my period, and today is the 2nd day. You cannot imagine how annoying me when I'm having that 'girl thing'. I turn into a drama queen, baby! I got my pre-mestrual-syndrome since a week ago. Having some acnes on my face, my body feels so 'big' and 'heavy', it's all because of the hormones. And I also became a very lame and sensitive person. 

Last Sunday, when I went to the mall with Krishna, he forgot to hold my hand while we're having windowed shopping. So there I was, became a sensitive wife and started to whimpered. Just because he didn't hold my hand. What the??? 

So, now you know why all women are so drama queens. A very sensitive creatures and sometimes annoying so bad! :)

dedicated to : Krishna 

Girl With An Attitude

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