Friday, September 18, 2015

Thank you!

It's nice when you know your friend really appreciates your work. I'm happy because one of my friend, Vikka, really enjoyed and loved my novel. I mean this is hillarious, because since a year ago, she's living in Africa. 

Then suddenly she ordered my novel, she read it, and she loved it! And she gave me this lovely review. Thank you so much, Vikka. Your words touched me! And yes, they're so many missed typo. Hihi..

Like I said before, to be a writer and publish my own book is really my dream. I'm not trying to copy cat anyone. I'm not trying to be famous, so people can see me as a 'famous writer'. No! Not like that. Believe me, I write because I loved it. I published my own novel because I wanted to. It is in my blood. And soon, I'm going to write another novel, another short story. Just wait :)

Thank you so much to a friends who really understands and appreciates me so well. People like you are blessed!   

Girl With An Attitude

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