Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday sipping!

I just had a massage about an hour ago. I can feel my blood floating around in my body. Now I'm sitting in this coffee shop at Central Park, while sipping my Caramel Macchiato. In about an hour, I'm going to Krishna's office then we will going home together.
My days were pretty flat lately. I mean, I feel these ups and downs situations. I even uninstalled my Path, because I feel like I didn't want to know someone else's life or the things that they did. And I also didn't wanted everybody knows my life either. Feel sad? Not exactly.
I just feel sentimental and also hate that I cannot do or reach what I want (but hey, I didn't mind). I feel like I'm a failure. I feel that I'm different from the others.
I hated when people asked me am I pregnant or not? I hated when people said  I'm fatter. I look like a Mom with three children. Geez, that's rude! It hurts me, like a lot. I mean what if you guys are in that position?
I don't like do the OOTD posting on my blog. But no, NOT because I feel fat. But it's just I'm not a model. I cannot pose like those beauty bloggers. Eventhough maybe soon I will post something about my OOTD. Just wait and see :)
Everytime I feel down, I always told Krishna about what I felt. And he always knew it, whether I'm happy, I'm angry or I'm happy. He knows me so well. He always give me a courage and always believed in me. He know that I really can reach my dreams. He always hug and kiss me and also cheers me up. And that makes me really really happy. I feel so warm and lucky!
I wrote this but I'm not whining. I just want to share about my feelings that's all.
Well, but I would say I feel so much better now. I always be happy. Sometimes we all just have these 'sentimental feeling', aren't we? :)

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