Saturday, April 11, 2015

Traveling Newlyweds

"People sometimes say that marriage holds you down. Life stops. Fun stops. Say goodbye to spontaneity and hello to routine and responsibilities. 
We're Bobby and Alli, and we are here to prove that marriage is the ultimate adventure.
We're not only bestfriends, we're each other's favorite travel buddy!"

-Traveling Newlyweds, Bobby & Alli-

Well that's interesting. Because I agreed, marriage life is not only about you're married with someone you love. You have to respect for each other and bla bla bla. Marriage life is a new chapter in our life. You're not single anymore. You have someone to hold onto. You have your partner in life. You have your soulmate. And I think, marriage life should be fun. Just don't be a freaky person. It's not like all of your world is tumbling down. It's not like that you cannot hangout with your friends anymore. No, no, not something like that. 

Lucky me, that I have a husband who also agreed with me. Marriage life is a fun thing. It's the best moment that you share with your partner. Krishna and I used to have this 'me' time on each other. I still can hangout with my bff, and he also still can hangout with his buddies! And also, we really love to traveling, culinaring, and do something fun! 

Speaking about traveling, I just found out about this new blog and Instagram from Traveling Newlyweds. Bobby and Alli got married about a year ago. And they did so many adventures and travelings. Which I think it's pretty cool! They prove that marriage life is a very adventurer thing yet also still know how to respect and have the responsibilities. I think that's fair. 

You can see their blog and also Instagram. See what they did and they had in their marriage life. Haha, this is one of my motivation to do some traveling / holiday with Krishna again. :)

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