Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Taxi Driver

Yesterday, while I was in the cab,  I had this conversation with the taxi driver. I forgot who's started first, but after that, the taxi driver told me he was just got back from Auckland, New Zealand. He joined some project which helped some of Indigo kids (some kids that had these 'something special' things). He said that he joined the project about 11 months. I was pretty amazed when he told me about the story. And it was not that all, he also told me that he had his College in  St Martin, London. His major was art. He got this scholarship while he was still in Indonesia. He got his Bachelor and Magister in London. I was double amazed!
But he did not tell me the reason why he going back in the town and being a taxi driver. I also did not asked him. Well, his choice by the way..
The point is, we cannot see people only from the outside. I mean "Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover" is absolutely right! Rich people  or Politican with this magnificent education is not always smart, nice and educated. Meanwhile, a taxi driver with a simple personality had this smart and eager to be a smart people with good attitude! :)

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